PD BUDDy: Using smartphone technology to improve patient care

Mrs Marnie Budd1, Mrs Robyn Rogers

1Metro South Health, Logan, Australia


Online health tracking is a new innovation used to engage patients in the management of their health condition, aiming to reduce their risk of complications.  Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients in the Logan unit documented vital health information in a simple exercise book, which was often incomplete or forgotten when a patient attended a PD clinic appointment. PD BUDDy was developed by Logan Hospital in collaboration with a prominent research organisation to create a smartphone app and web portal for PD patients and their clinicians.

The smartphone app will allow patients to record vital information such as prescription, ultrafiltration, blood pressure and weight. The recorded data is accessible to their clinical care team through the web portal and we believe that more accurate records enables more efficient and effective patient clinics, improved peritonitis rates and better patient self-management of their health in their own environment.


An open label feasibility study of PD BUDDy has recently been completed at the Logan Hospital Peritoneal Dialysis Unit, Queensland.


Patients and staff have provided positive feedback around the use of the portal. 100% of patients surveyed, strongly agreed that the app was easy to use and fitted well with their lifestyle. They would also recommend it to others with kidney disease. Clinically, both exit site infections and peritonitis episodes were improved in the group of patients using the app.


PD BUDDy streamlines how patients’ record and store information, potentially leading to improved health outcomes and extending their adverse event free time on the home-based therapy.


I am a clinical nurse at the Logan Hospital peritoneal dialysis unit.  I have been a renal nurse for 16 years and have specialised in peritoneal dialysis for the last 10years.  I am very passionate about improving our patients outcomes and making life as easy as possible for them, whilst aligning our practices with current technology


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