Evaluation of a peritoneal dialysis assessment tool: One unit’s experience

Christie McKellar, Leanne Linehan1, Bianca Hickman1

1Monash Health, ,


A Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (PDU) located in South East Victoria. Following a two day education sessions anyone who expressed an interest in Peritoneal Dialysis as a preferred therapy is then invited to come into the PDU for further education. The selection criteria for commencing on the PDx program has shown to be effective in highlighting medical, social concerns.


The PDU initiated a checklist as a tool to utilise with potential patients and their families. All potential patients are invited to a one on one assessment with a PD nurse, to assess his/her suitability for PDx. The assessment tool discusses any medical and social barriers that may prevent a successful candidate. Any cause for concern is identified and discussed and the option for further evaluation if required can be recommended.


The following data has been collected over a two year period of 2018 to 2019. The data collected include total amount of PD chats and total amount of patients who progress onto the program. This data also highlights patients who have commenced other treatment options and the reason why they did not progress to PD.


The purpose of the review is to investigate the current practice of the assessment tool prior to commencing PDx. The assessment tool has shown the efficacy of performing this pre dialysis discussion in identifying any problems early avoiding unnecessary placement onto the PDx program and the benefit to the patients and the healthcare provider is invaluable.


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