2020 Home Dialysis Conference ePosters

ePosters will be displayed on screens in the exhibition and catering area throughout the duration of the conference and they will also be able to be viewed prior and after the conference through the conference app.

Poster Title Authors
Exploring better ways to start dialysis. Show, Train, Reassure, Educate and Assess Month [STREAM-HD] John Agar
PD BUDDy: Using smartphone technology to improve patient care Marnie Budd
Targeted Education ApproaCH to Improve Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes (TEACH-PD) – Feasibility Study Josephine Sau Fan Chow,
Melinda Tomlins
Supporting skills development for peritoneal dialysis trainers Josephine Sau Fan Chow, Keri-Lu Equinox
Needle phobia in home haemodialysis: The role of motivational interviewing Angela Daffey
Coping with automated peritoneal dialysis for end-stage kidney disease: A qualitative study Emily Duncanson
Advance care planning for patients with end-stage kidney disease: A local perspective Wendy Gibson, Bharati Mehta
The grace of empowerment Matthew Harvey
Hybrid dialysis is a viable option to extend peritoneal dialysis technique survival Mandy Law
Peritoneal dialysis: a viable therapy for end stage renal disease in the setting of end-stage non- obstructive dilated hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, decompensated heart failure, & ventricular assist device implantation. Kye Manefield
Evaluation of a peritoneal dialysis assessment tool: One unit’s experience Christie McKellar
Slow and steady wins the race Franziska Pettit
Integrated care, hospital to community: Improving patient journey Charity Omwoyo
Peritonitis risk factors: A single unit review of peritonitis patient specific characteristics Robyn Rogers
Hospital haemodialysis patients’ and nurses’ perceived barriers to home-based therapy Walaa Saweirs
Peritoneal Dialysis Retraining program: Empowering patients to reduce individual peritonitis risk factors Deanna Shephard
Novel pneumatic compression device may dilate veins for home hemodialysis Tej Singh
The role of remote patient monitoring in peritoneal dialysis – understanding patient perspectives Benjamin Talbot
The logistics of peritoneal dialysis stock in the Northern Terriroty Nadine Tinsley
‘Home Visits – So much more than just a cup of tea’ Peter Tregaskis
Patient centred care – beyond the selection criteria for home haemodialysis patients Ya-ling Tu, Yasko Takatori
Keeping HD patients home using AVF plastic cannula Dong Wang, Matthew Harvey, Rita Carmel O’Neill, Ellen Ramas, Kate O’Brian
Magnesium based phosphate binder caution Yun Hui Sheryl Wong
Home & satellite haemodialysis patients: A comparison of outcomes in a matched cohort Emily K Yeung
The Renal Steps Project: Building engagement for improved health outcomes Brendan Zornig


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