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Exhibition Floor Plan


Catering will be situated to maximise delegate flow throughout the exhibition. The exhibition floor plan is subject to change without notice. The floor plan is not to an exact scale, but accurately represents the relative position and sizes of exhibition spaces. All corner booths will have the side wall removed unless otherwise ordered.  Terrace 4 will be open to delegates.

Exhibition Allocations

Companies will be given choice of booth position in order of their booking date and level of sponsorship.  During the booking process please submit your top three preferences.

01 AstraZeneca 07 Vifor Pharma Group
02 Fist Assist Devices 8-9 Fresenius Medical Care
03 ePoster Displays 10 Dialysis Australia
04 ePoster Displays 12 AMGEN
05 Medtronic 13 BAXTER
06 Otsuka Australia Pharmaceutical 

Encouraging a Sustainable Exhibition

The Australia New Zealand Society of Nephrology recognises that urgent action is needed within the nephrology community to help minimise the impacts of climate change, sustainably manage natural resources, and reduce and manage waste.  Toward this aim, below are some suggestions for companies exhibiting at the Home Dialysis conference to reduce their footprint and minimise environmental harm.

  1. Minimise the amount of promotional material at your stands
    Where material is unavoidable, use material that is produced as sustainably as possible.
  2. Use reusable structures and exhibition stands  
    The standard exhibition booth is a reusable structure provided by a local exhibition builder.  If building a custom stand, try to utilise the local exhibition services (we recommend SBX) to avoid unnessary carbon emissions; or recycle a stand from a previous year.
  3. Avoid energy intense stands and unnecessary lighting
    Consider the use of power by your stand over the 3 day show.  Where you do need to use lighting, ensure they are LED.
  4. Minimise waste generation
    Ideally remove and dispose all discarded publications and materials at your own cost or pay for the ones left at the venue
  5. Reduce local transport
    The conference venue is purposely located in a central location with walking distance to many accommodation and dining options.  While in Canberra minimise your emissions by walking between your accommodation, dining venues and the conference.

Venue (Doma Hotels) Initiatives

In-house Policies
Doma Hotels has a dedicated Environmental Officer whose role includes actively seeking ways to improve practices by managing in-house procedures, developing partnerships with Government organisations such as ACT Smart, and sourcing sustainable product selection for hotel guest amenities.

Soap Aid Recycling
Soap Aid is a non-for-profit organisation whom also aid in hygiene education. This initiative works by our housekeeping staff collecting the used soap bars which are then collected in bulk and taken for processing and packaging. Soap Aid then ship boxes of newly packaged soap to third world countries in addition to educating those in need on the importance of hygiene and sanitation. Whilst providing a basic product to people in need, this program also aids in reducing our waste to landfill contribution. Doma Hotels has donated 40kg of soap since commencing this initiative.

Nespresso Pod Recycling (NPR)
Each room in Hotel Realm and Little National Hotel is fitted with a Nespresso coffee pod machine for our guests to enjoy. The program encourages housekeepers to collect used Nespresso pods from guest rooms and compile them for collection. Once collected the pods are shipped to a designated recycling plant where the aluminium is recycled and the coffee grounds are used as compost; a much nicer journey when compared with their usual landfill route!

The NPR and Soap Aid programs not only boast individual positive contribution but also have aided in reducing our contribution to waste, which is demonstrated in our waste figures provided by ACT Smart.

ACT Smart Training & Recycling Stations
Doma Hotels has partnered with ACT Smart to determine ways to reduce our waste and ecological footprint. ACT Smart are a Government organisation whom offer recycling education, rubbish and recycling bins, and support to improve environmental practices. In the last 12 months working with ACT Smart, Doma Hotels has successfully  reduced our waste contribution by 15.5 tonnes and 7% of rubbish has been converted from waste to recycling. Doma Hotels has received official accreditation as an ACT Smart Business Recycler.


Booth Inclusions

Each standard structure exhibition booth includes the following items unless using a custom build*:

*power will be supplied by SBX for custom sites.

  • 2.5m high white foamex panel walls (non-Velcro compatible)
  • Fascia board (pn all open sides) company signage (up to 40 characters in UPPERCASE lettering including spaces with black vinyl text
    on a white board)
  • 2 x track spotlights per booth (4 lights for Gold or Platinum booths)
  • 1x 4amp double outlet power point per booth (2 x outlets for Gold or Platinum sites)
  • 1.8m trestle table with a black cloth & 2 chairs (provided by Hotel Realm)

Bump In & Bump Out

  • SBX Exhibition Build Bump In: From 0700 to 1200, Wednesday, 26th February 2020
  • Custom Build Bump In: From 0800 to 1200, Wednesday, 26th February 2020
  • Exhibitor Staff Bump In: From 1200 to 1400, Wednesday, 26th February 2020
  • Exhibitor Staff Bump Out: From 1400 to 1700, Friday, 28th February 2020
  • Custom/SBX Build Bump Out: From 1700 to late, Friday, 28th February 2020

Exhibition Opening Times

The exhibition area will be open to the delegates at the following times:

  • 1400-1945, Wednesday, 26th February 2020 (includes the Welcome Reception)
  • 0730-1550, Thursday, 27th February 2020
  • 0730-1400, Friday, 28th February 2020

Your Contact Person

When booking please appoint a single point of contact within your Organisation. All bookings will be recorded under the one name and all correspondence will be sent to this person.


Anyone from your Organisation attending the conference or guests you wish to invite to the conference must register with Conference Design before the meeting. An official HDC name badge will be required to access the meeting and exhibition areas.

  • Additional 3 day (Wed-Fri) exhibitor pass including Welcome Reception $450
  • Additional 1 day exhibitor pass (Wed/Thurs/Fri) $250
  • Conference Dinner ticket (MoAD) $98

Conference Manager

Please contact Anna Patterson at Conference Design to discuss support the Meeting or to make amendment to your current package.

Exhibition Supply Company

SBX is the appointed local exhibition supply company. SBX supply exhibition booths, furniture hire, fascia/name board, lighting & power, signage, audio visual, plants, custom stands.  SBX also have trades people available if you require assistance with installing custom stands and also with custom stand builds and concepts.

Contact Erin Chesney – Event Coordinator for your booth, furniture and AV requirements (if additional or alternate required beyond standard inclusions).

p: +61 2 6239 1028


Venue Contact

Hotel Realm, Canberra

Maria Aranguiz
Conference and Event Coordinator
P: 02 6163 4703

Venue Information

Exhibitors who are wanting to have any food MUST contact the venue and have the hotels permission for this. If the hotel does give permission, you will be required to sign a food waiver.

Any electrical equipment that the exhibitors bring in must be tagged and tested and this will be spot checked by the hotel catering team. Please note that if the equipment is not tagged and tested it will not be able to be used.


Late and missing deliveries are the main problem for sponsors and exhibitors when arriving onsite for a conference.

  1. Download and use the delivery label provided by the venue.
  2. Confirm with your courier the delivery has been made BEFORE you arrive.
  3. Have the name of your courier, the consignment numbers and confirmed delivery date when you arrive.
  4. Goods will only be accepted between the hours of 0730 and 1500, from 23 February 2020. Deliveries outside this time frame may be accepted with prior approval from the hotel.

Onsite Storage

There will be limited on-site storage facilities for packing materials, boxes and giveaways.  Please make contact with the venue prior to the show if you have any substantial boxes / cases that require storage.

Exhibitors cannot leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the show.


  1. Download and use the collection label provided by the venue.
  2. Box up any materials requiring collection and leave on your stand for collection by venue staff during bump out.
  3. Arrange for collection of the items with your courier as per the pick up details noted in the collection label.
  4. Check with your courier whether a consignment note/number is required. If so include these details on your boxes before they are collected by the venue staff.
  5. Freight will be available for collection from the loading dock from 2pm Wednesday 12th September 2018.

Booth Giveaways

ANZSN and the HDC committee supports the ethical codes of conduct on interactions with healthcare professionals including, but not limited to, Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) Code of Ethics on Interaction with Healthcare Professionals; the American Medical Association (AMA) Gifts to Physicians from Industry Ethical Opinion 8.0611; The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals; and other ethical guidelines and standards that describe the appropriate relationships between physicians and industry. We refer exhibitors to these guidelines and expects all exhibitors at the HDC 2020 to be in compliance.

Advertising Formats & Specifications

Pocket Program Advert

  • High resolution, colour PDF
  • A4 portrait orientation, 210mm x 297mm
  • 3mm bleed and no crop marks

DUE: Monday 13th January 2020 


  • Sponsors – 200 word profile
  • Exhibitors – 50 word profile

Include contact details so delegates can connect with your organisation. The profile will be displayed in the App and on the website.

DUE: Immediately only exhibition/sponsorship booked.  The earlier the longer exposure your organisation will receive.  Email to


Your logo should be a high resolution PNG, JPG or TIFF image, no less than 250 KB in size. It will be used on the web, print and PowerPoint slide.

DUE: Immediately only exhibition/sponsorship booked.  The earlier the longer exposure your organisation will receive.  Email to

eSatchel Insert (PDF Brochure/Flyer)

  • High resolution, colour PDF
  • A4 portrait orientation, 210mm x 297mm
  • Maximum size of 1MB (multiple pages allowed)
  • No bleed and no crop marks
  • PDFs will be uploaded as ‘as received’

DUE: Monday 13th January 2020 

Video eSatchel Insert Specifications

We are giving Conference Partners an opportunity to have a short video linked to the eSatchel in the App. Your video will be uploaded to Vimeo and linked to the eSatchel in the app and online. Delegates will be able to view the video on their mobile devices or desktops. As this is a new option we would recommend using existing content or creating a short promotional video – to maximise views be creative!

  • Maximum size of 20MB
  • MP4 or AVI formats

DUE: Monday 13th January 2020 

Conference App – Lead Management

The  Conference App will be released to delegates two weeks prior to the conference and all delegates will be encouraged to download and use it throughout the conference.  The log in details for the app will be emailed to each of your company representatives separately.

The App features a Lead Management function, where you can pre-load questions to assist your staff onsite at the conference.  When a delegate visits your stand, with their permission, you can scan their QR code on their name badge and you will be provided with delegates contact details. You can set up the function so that it prompts the delegates to enter information on what their enquiring is about. This information can then be sent back to a staff member in the office or saved for actioning after the conference

An automatic email can also be pre-loaded through the Lead Management function which can be sent to all delegates who have their QR codes scanned at your stand.  A brochure can be attached to this email or it might just be a simple ‘Thank you for visiting’.

Terms and Conditions for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Bookings & Payments

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Conference Design Pty Ltd, members of the Organising Committee and the Host Organisation are collectively referred to as The Organisers.

The Organisation listed on the sponsorship and exhibition application will be referred to as your Organisation or collectively as sponsors and exhibitors.

By returning a Sponsorship and Exhibition Booking Form you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Applications
Conference Design will issue a Tax Invoice once a Sponsorship and Exhibition application has been accepted.

Any advertising is not an offer capable of acceptance. The Organisers reserve the right to decline any sponsorship and exhibition application.

All costs are inclusive of GST and listed in Australian Dollars.

Payment is required within 14 days of us issuing your Tax Invoice to confirm your application.

Sponsorship and exhibition entitlements, including the allocation of exhibition space, do not commence until payment has been received.

Cancellation of Sponsorship and Exhibition Bookings
Once a sponsorship and exhibition application has been accepted all payments are non-refundable. If you are no longer able to attend the conference please contact Conference Design to discuss your participation.

Cancellation or Postponement of the Conference
The Organisers do not accept any liability for losses incurred if the conference is cancelled or postponed due to an event that renders proceedings with the meeting inadvisable, illegal, impracticable or impossible.

If the conference is cancelled or postponed refunds will not be issued but available funds will be credited towards the rescheduled conference.

An unforeseen event could include, but is not limited to, an infectious disease outbreak; industrial disruptions; service provider failures; governmental restrictions or regulations; war or apparent act of war; terrorism or apparent act of terrorism; disaster; civil disorder, disturbance, and/or riots; curtailment, suspension or restriction on transportation; or any other emergency.

General Information

Disclaimer and Changes
Every effort has been made to present all the information accurately, however no liability is accepted for any inaccuracy and the Organisers reserve the right to change any published information.

The Organisers reserve the right to amend, update or delete sponsorship and exhibition packages and the exhibition floor plan.

Exhibition Floor Plan
The exhibition floor plan is subject to change without notice. The floor plan is not to an exact scale, but accurately represents the position and sizes of exhibition spaces.

When booking please appoint a single point of contact within your Organisation. All bookings will be recorded under the one name and all correspondence will be sent to this person.

Allocation of Exhibition Spaces
Conference Design will allocate exhibition spaces after taking into account each organisation’s sponsorship, the date of application, preferences, proximity to competitors and any other matters deemed relevant.

All sponsors and exhibitors must have adequate insurance for the period of the conference, including public and products liability cover and professional indemnity insurance. We may request a certificate of currency.

Your Organisation shall indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers for any loss, damage to property or injury to persons suffered as a result of your participation in the conference, except where the Organisers are found to be negligent.

Supply of Goods and Services
The supply of any goods, services, samples or advice is entirely at your Organisation’s own risk.

During the Conference


No valuable items should be left unattended at your exhibition at any time and especially not overnight. No responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to equipment and display materials.

Anyone from your Organisation attending the conference or guests you wish to invite to the conference must register with Conference Design before the conference. An official name badge will be required to access the meeting and exhibition area.

Custom Stands
All custom stands must fit within the purchased exhibition space. Custom stands must not exceed 3.0 metres high. If you have any questions please email us a floor plan and elevations of your proposed stand.

Delegate List
Due to privacy requirements the delegate list will be supplied on the Conference App at the time of the conference and will include name, organisation and state.

Interactive Exhibitions
Whilst we encourage you to develop entertaining and interactive displays to attract delegates, please be mindful not to disturb other exhibitors or delegates.

There is limited storage space on site for exhibition equipment or packaging.

Signage at the Venue
The venue doesn’t allow any signage to be fixed to walls or other surfaces. Your signage should be free standing to allow for easy placement and should be contained with your exhibition space.

Dismantling Displays
Due to safety requirements you will not be able to dismantle your display before the published closing time.

Damage to the Venue
Your Organisation shall indemnify the Organisers from all liability for damage to the venue deemed to have been caused by your staff, contractors, agents or guests. The cost of repairs will be the sole responsibility of your Organisation.


The ASM is hosted by Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology.

The aims of the Society are to promote and support the study of the kidney and urinary tract in health and disease, and to ensure the highest professional standards for the practice of nephrology in Australia and New Zealand.

Conference Managers

Please contact the team at Conference Design with any questions regarding the Annual Scientific Meeting

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